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Awesome Insurance Sales Tips for New Insurance Agents

Asking about the family, work, and interests of a prospect will spark the conversation and make you feel more comfortable. Keep your eyes on the client. After all, they are here for you (not you). Maribeth Kuzmeski is a regular contributor to LifeHealthPro.com. She has written a lot on the importance of client relationships and how the conversation is “the bedrock of all relationships.” She notes that without them, relationships are lacking in substance.

Kuzmeski believes conversation is an art. It can open up many opportunities for cross-selling and referrals. The conversation is an excellent way for people to invest in them. Listening is the other half of a great conversation. It shows that kel you care. Have you ever been around someone just curious and eager to hear about your day or your recent trip? These people are rare, but they can be very noticeable. She says that when you talk with prospects and listen, it shows you value them.

While this is a good idea, remember that conversations should be both sides of the conversation. You can also share some of your interests, hobbies, and other details that will position you as a genuine person interested in your clients. What happens when you find an error in anything? Either you stop reading or think: “There’s a spell check for that idiot.” Then your internal grammar troll comes out.

This is why? Poorly written material can be perceived as ignorant and unprofessional. It instantly loses credibility. Before you hit send, double-check your email and any text messages. It’s worth having a second or even third set of eyes look at it if it’s a long document.

Transparency is key to building client trust. Consider car salespeople. Are you open to making friends with most people at the dealership? Most people will answer no. These salespeople will try to sell you a car right away. You know from experience that these salespeople will harass you until you make the sale. This attitude can leave a bad taste in the mouth.

Steven McCarty is another contributor to LifeHealthPro. He wrote about building trust with prospects. You can also purchase a background check to show that you are not victim of any criminal or civil skeletons. Why would someone buy from you if they can find the same product cheaper or faster elsewhere?

Rob Holmes, founder and Estate Strategies, and in December 2014 ‘Alumnus in the Month’ at The American College, wrote a blog about personal branding. “How do I package myself, my products, and my presentation?” Your package is made up of you. Your brand is made up of everything you say, your body language, punctuality, demeanor, dress, and how you speak it.

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