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Automate your curtains and blinds

This is an essential part of any alarm system. AJAX Systems alarm system is highly praised in this area. The notifications are brief and sweet. They appear quickly on your smartphone and provide enough information to allow you to know what’s happening. Even if geofencing is enabled, you will receive an immediate notification asking if the alarm should be activated. Clicking on the information will take you to the app, where you can unlock the notice. No empty or erroneous notifications were received. All statements appeared within 1-3 seconds.

The inability to integrate with other platforms and systems is the only downside. Your alarm system should be part of your smart home. You can set your alarm to go off at night, the lights will go out, and the TV will turn off. The shutters also go down. Ajax security systems offers this possibility with intelligent plugs, built-in switches, relay switches, and switches that can turn equipment and lamps. It can also be controlled via the app. The app does not offer automation options, and you will be limited to AJAX Systems products. You can turn on the socket (smart plug) when the alarm goes off or when it is turned on. A schedule can be created to control when the plug turns on and off. These products provide voltage protection and indicate how much power has been consumed.

Adding a few scenes to your alarm system with just a few devices or lamps is possible. But, for those who have a lot of intelligent equipment in their home or who use another platform or hub for automation, this is not sufficient. . AJAX Systems is very responsive to customers. AJAX Systems promises an API that will allow integration with different platforms and standards this year, making it even more appealing for smart home enthusiasts. You can vote on features that you want to see. This includes integration with platforms and standards. We will have to be content with AJAX Systems products for the moment. This isn’t a bad thing considering the high-quality and reliable security. However, we look forward to unlocking more possibilities in the future to make this a part of a smart home. To be able to make.

AJAX Systems’ intelligent alarm system is our favorite. We have only found a few minor flaws. This system is flawless. The only thing lacking is the ability to connect it with home automation apps. The alarm system from AJAX Systems can be pretty expensive. You will spend around 1,000 euros on a basic package that can protect your entire house. However, the system is flawless and offers innovative products and support. There are many settings options, future proof, and great support.

The system is worth it if safety and quality are essential to you. The system is simple to install and place, making it a Dutchman’s choice. AJAX Systems is an excellent choice if you’re looking for an affordable, reliable alarm system that works well and doesn’t require wires.

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