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Selling a Static Caravan? Read our Full Guide for success

In certain occurrences, the occasion park that you presently keep the band on might request ‘first refusal’ of the troop – this normally implies they’ll need to realize that you’re anticipating selling your procession and will make you a proposal on it. To be clear – you don’t need to acknowledge this offer. The convoy is yours and you can’t be held to recover by a recreation center who are offering you an exceptionally limited quantity for it. 99.9% of parks will do whatever it takes not to deceive you – yet we have experienced this previously. On the off chance that you’ve under any vulnerability about your alternatives – fill in certain subtleties in our structure and we’ll connect to disclose all you require to know.

In the event that a recreation center makes you a proposal for the occasion home you’ll will in general discover it’s what’s alluded to as ‘base book’ cost – which means the least conceivable cost dependent on industry guides. Try not to be annoyed by this – parks need to make a benefit to keep their entryways open – it simply implies you may leave somewhat baffled buy my static caravan

We suggest that by and by you put in heaps of exploration. It merits taking a gander at other nearby occasion parks and what their units are selling for. Maybe having a few discussions with your park proprietor to acquire a sensible resale esteem as they would see it could be a choice. Then again, take a gander at different homes in your park and think about the upsides and downsides of their units and choose from that point.

Great correspondence with your park proprietor will help you and your deal. Another proprietor will need to have however much data as could reasonably be expected. Giving subtleties, for example, pitch charges and how they will be determined once the new proprietor moves in. Having this sort of detail to bringing to the table a potential purchaser will make the selling cycle a lot of smoother.

Sell my static caravan is a common question asked when you need to sell your Static Caravan? Maybe the caravan park will want to buy it back? In many cases they will, but offering the lowest price. After the Caravan Park has offered a low price people tend to try and sell online. Tyre kickers and time wasters galore. Right Price Statics will offer you a great price for your Static Caravan. Completely hassle free. No Timewasters, No dealing with the Park or transporters. Why Right Price Static is the Right Choice…

You have enjoyed your time in your Holiday Home however, for whatever reason you have now decided it is time to Sell My Static Caravan. When you bought your Holiday Home the caravan salesperson was probably helpful walking you through the process to clinch the deal. In contrast, when looking to sell my Static Caravan things can seem very lonely, here are some of the common questions.

IF the Park is buying in when you want to sell. Tell the Sales staff at your Park that you are thinking about leaving and ask them if they would be interested in buying your Static Caravan back. Whether they are interested or not can depend on many factors; the make and model of your caravan, the age of the caravan, the time of year, whether the Park is full or has empty pitches, and whether they have any budget left for buying in. Keep your options open because even if they are willing to buy the caravan back, the price may not be right for you.

What else can I do to try and sell my static caravan? We will offer a great price with money in your bank quickly. We will come and view your Static Caravan at a time to suit you within a couple of days of you contacting us. Our office will deal with the logistics of collecting the Static Caravan. Right Price Statics professional team can make selling your Static Caravan a hassle-free process. www.rightpricestatics.co.uk

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