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Calculating Your eCommerce shipping rates Method

Before you deliver your items it is necessary to wrap your items to ensure safe transportation. So , what options are you using to consider? There are several commonly used options for packaging, including envelopes and boxes (padded and unpadded). For most businesses and items you’ll need a box and other packaging materials in order to transport your goods. You might also want to think outside PACKAGE FORWARDING the boxes (no no pun meant) and consider different packaging alternatives. For example, certain e-commerce shipping companies offer poly mailers as an alternative option to send items that don’t require much cushioning or structure, such as clothing.

Poly mailers provide a variety of benefits. They’re light, which lowers the cost of shipping and they are able to adjust to various weights and volumes according to the contents of the package. For instance the same size poly mailer could hold only one socks or fivesocks, and you won’t overpay for the weight of packaging or dimensions for a single pair.

Since the cost of many shipping options are based on the size and weight of the package, do the best you can to keep your packaging as minimal as you can. This can not only help you save money on shipping costs and the amount your customers paid in shipping costs, but reduce the costs of packaging, which is decreasing your profits.

Based on the nature of your business and product range It is possible to think about carrying a variety of sizes of packaging and materials. The majority of people will think that the packaging used for the item above as over the top. That’s exactly the type of packaging you’re trying to avoid, as it can increase shipping costs significantly.

Based on the product you’re selling as well as its worth depending on the value of your product, transportation insurance as well as tracking could provide a lot of protection. With the majority of e-commerce shipping companies the insurance and tracking process is affordable and gives an option should your package be damaged or lost. Certain shipping companies like UPS or USPS Priority Mail include complimentary protection as little as $100, and this coverage could be as high as $200 in certain circumstances.

When shipping out your country, it is necessary to be sure to include the appropriate customs documents. These can be found online through Shopify shipping options, or at the postal office in your area or retail store. These forms inform the customs officials in the destination country what’s inside the package, the amount it is, and if it’s a gift item or product.

Consult with the postal service to determine the forms you’ll need to be able to attach to your package. The forms must be filled out in a clear and honest manner to avoid your package from being delayed by Customs.If the package is subject to any extra fees for customs to be paid when the package reaches the destination, the recipient is responsible for these fees when the package is delivered. It’s always recommended to to add this information to your shipping policy so that your customers don’t get surprised by unanticipated charges.

Below is an instance of when a retailer prominently displays information about additional costs on their shipping policy page to make sure that customers are aware of any potential costs.

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